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Monday, August 20, 2012

Nine more weeks!

As of today, there are nine weeks left of my husband's Academy training! That still sounds like an eternity, but when you've alreayd finished 27 weeks, these last few seem like nothing. At this point, we're both starting to feel a little burnt out, like a senior at the end of the school year. It's so easy to want to say, "We've done our time! Let us be done...PLEASE!". It is encouraging to see that my countdown says that we're 75% done! I'm ready to have my husband back home with me full time and he's more than ready to be home with a real bed and real food every day! We just got our duty post assignment this weekend! We had been told not to expect to get assignments until about 3-4 weeks before graduation, but it's such a relief to have an answer already! Now I'll be keeping myself busy packing, house hunting and all the millions of phone calls that go along with that! It's so worth it though, just to know where our home is going to be for at least the next year or so! We struggled so much, debating over what area of the state we wanted to apply for. In the end, we ended up with an assignment that we hadn't really considered, but it's a wonderful solution for our family! Time to get my butt in gear, getting ready to start the next chapter of the big adventure that 2012 has been so far!

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