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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Pinteresting August - Follow Up

Once again, I seriously overestimated the time that I would have to work on these projects! Two month olds take a good chunk of your day! But it's the best use of a day!

I did make my own coffee creamer and granola bars. I did not get around to the lamp shade, the snack bags or the baked oatmeal.

First, let's talk coffee creamer. It was simple to make and I loved being able to adjust the flavor however I wanted. But it wasn't any cheaper than getting the store-bought version, especially if you have a coupon or hit a sale. The only advantage would be that you know what's in preservatives or other junk. Just cream, milk and your spices/flavorings. We don't drink enough creamer to justify making it! But if you want to get away from packaged foods, this is an easy step!

Next, the granola bars. I didn't make the original ones I'd pinned, but found a different recipe. SO GOOD!!
Hubby isn't totally sold on them...he says they're good, but missing something. So I'll be tweaking the recipe next time.

This one will for sure save you money! The oats cost less than a dollar, the flax seed is less than a dollar and the other ingredients are less than a few dollars also. I'd estimate this recipe costs between $3-$4 to make and you get 18 thick bars! You'd pay that for 5 or 6 small granola bars at the grocery store!

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