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Friday, March 14, 2014

Household Binder Adventure!

I don't know if you can call it nesting, since it's not necessarily centered around cleaning, but I've got a serious desire to get some household "stuff" in order ASAP!

We've been thinking for a while that our renter's insurance probably needs updated to match the current value of our possessions. That got me thinking about how if something was to happen to me and I was unable to handle our banking and bills for whatever reason, how would my husband know all of the account numbers and passwords to everything?

(Side note: My husband is not an idiot. Early on in our marriage, the banking and bills just became my job because I worked at the credit union where we bank and the budgeting and bills is fun to me and a headache for him.)

So now I've decided to put together a household binder. Get all of our important info together, just in case. Past of my inspiration came from Household Management 101 ( but part of it is my own crazy head. I'm still working on exactly what I want/need to include, but here's what I have so far:

- Household Inventory: Basically a list of everything we own (sounds daunting, I know), with a description, receipt (if we have it) and a photo. This would be in case of our house being robbed or catching fire. Just think about it...if your house burned to the ground tomorrow, would you actually know what to claim with your insurance? I don't think we would! And having photos, especially of your big ticket items, will help the insurance process go much smoother. Obviously, you need to think about where you're storing this list also. I'll be putting a paper copy in my binder, but we'll need another copy stored elsewhere. Whether this is a digital copy on a cloud drive or a copy (paper, disk, flash drive, carved in stone) stored at a friend's home or in a safe deposit box at a bank, it just needs to be somewhere else. Again, imagine your house burning to the ground. The most wonderful binder in the world doesn't help if it's in a pile of ash.

- Banking/Bills info: A list of all of our bills, account numbers, customer service numbers, day of the month that they're due, online log in info, etc. Not only would this be handy just to have all compiled in one place, but especially in case of something happening to me, hubby would have an easy, go to source.

- Personal info: Social Security number, blood type, etc for both of us, soon to add baby on to. Again, just to have that all together, just in case.

This is all I have so far...I'm sure I'll be coming up with more to add as I get started! Time to go get myself a snazzy binder! (That may be the most exciting part to me.)

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