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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 29! (Or 30?)

As of today, we're officially into week 29 of this pregnancy! Although we've gotten some conflicting due dates, so it may actually be the beginning of week 30...who knows. Either way, it's going by way too fast!

Baby boy is so active all the time these days! And I absolutely love that feeling. This weekend, he had hiccups for the first time! Cutest thing EVER. (Speaking of...hiccups as I'm writing this!) I'm so loving having him in there and so not ready to give that up yet. At least being pregnant, I have some feeling of being in control...something I'm told goes completely out the window after baby is born!

I'm still feeling comfortable, for the most part, which makes it much easier to just enjoy this time! My back has seen better days, but I know that I've let my posture go down the drain with this extra weight in front. Days that I'm really focused on keeping straight, it's not nearly as sore. Sleeping through the night is a challenge, as I'm constantly rolling from one side to the other and getting up at least once to use the bathroom. The only other complaint I have is the heartburn! I never had heartburn once in my life until a few months ago! Now it's constant and doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I eat or don't eat or if I'm upright or laying just burns more than it doesn't! I'm so hoping this means that our sweet boy is growing lots and lots of curly hair!

Pregnancy certainly is a roller coaster! There's so much I love about it and at this point, I'm hoping I really do have a whole 10 weeks (or maybe more!) left to go and I want to do it again as soon as possible! That may change towards the end, but I'm loving it more than I'm not loving the miserable stuff. I've been so fortunate to be missing the really miserable symptoms. I'm so excited to meet him and hold him and see his daddy with him, but this special time, just us, is so beautiful!

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