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Friday, July 12, 2013

Say Thank You to a Police Officer Day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013! Imagine going to work every day knowing that most people you come in contact with are going to hate you. Imagine having to legitimately worry about being targeted, ambushed and killed every single time you leave the house. Imagine having to be discreet, shade the truth, about where your spouse works for fear of being targeted yourself. Imagine having to change your entire life, every dining choice, every habit, every friend and relationship, for your career. This is the life of a LEO family. I have to acknowledge that every time my husband leaves the house, he may not come home, but I can't live in fear. I have to balance the pride that swells my heart with the precaution of knowing that bragging about my man could result in myself or my husband being targeted. I have to realize that my friendship will be very limited. I will no longer spend time with any friends that are not also in law enforcement. This life requires lots of delicate balancing and that can be exhausting, for the LEO and the family. I swear that we LEOWs deserve a badge of our own. So this September 21, let's join together to say "Thank you" to our police officers! They deal with a lot more in a day that running radar. You can't understand it unless you've lived it!

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